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The River Internet Access Services:

Get online in Arizona or western Washington state with: high-speed, always-on DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) services; V.90 ("56K") analog modem PPP Dialup; all-digital ISDN Dialup; and commercial-grade, ultra-reliable Frame Relay. When you travel out-of-state, our iPass Global Roaming Access will allow you to get online from just about anywhere on the planet.

The River partners with several DSL networking vendors - New Edge Networks, Covad, Qwest, and Verizon. Not only does this give us the widest possible range of DSL availability, it also allows us to extend a variety of DSL promotional offers to our customers.

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The River Hosting Services:

Establish your virtual online presence with The River's Hosting Services: virtual web site hosting, domain name (DNS) hosting with custom domain email addresses, server co-location, and more!

Our Riverside Mall, Pantano Professional Plaza, and Waterfront are virtual homes to hundreds of businesses, organizations, and service providers, most of which are local to the Arizona and Washington communities in which The River offers Internet access services. See them all in our A-to-Z Directory of hosting clients!